La fête du mariage


Marriage Week is an international event that brings together the media, businesses, churches, governments, religious communities and everyone who cares about marriage.
It can be as small as a few friends meeting their neighbors, or as large as thousands of local events held in bars, restaurants, community halls and often churches.

Marriage Week normally takes place on or around Valentine's Day (February 7-14), but many countries celebrate it at other times of the year too.

MarriageWeek ...

... is the celebration of marriage.
Celebrating the adventure of marriage. Marriage together is always a reason to celebrate. MarriageWeek gives ideas and impulses on how we can live this fact in reality.

... invites ALL married couples.
MarriageWeek is non-denominational, non-partisan and invites all married couples without exception.

... refreshes the marriage vows.
"I'm with you!", says the wedding vow. MarriageWeek provides an inspiring framework for remembering this every year.

... keeps the everyday life of marriage alive. Rituals help.
Even in marriage! MarriageWeek regularly focuses on marriage once a year - cheerful, festive, thoughtful, inspiring, supportive and helpful

... is a valuable investment. Investing in marriage is worthwhile.
MarriageWeek provides inspiration and ideas for investing in the love you share.

... gives love in marriage a chance.
Marriage is a special togetherness. Your love needs attention and care. And: it wants to be rediscovered again and again. Once a year, MarriageWeek offers you the chance to realize ideas that will keep your love alive.

... is the occasion for new ideas.
Taking part is easy! All married couples can not only take advantage of a suitable offer in their region. You can even enrich this extraordinary marriage week with your own ideas, activities and contributions. MarriageWeek is open to all activities that make this week even more colorful.

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