The Beginning

MarriageWeek was born 20 years ago out of a desire to strengthen relationships so that marriages remain happy and fulfilling in the long term.

I can still remember standing at the checkout with my wife in a DIY store. People were buying lampshades, wallpaper, carpets and I thought to myself: Isn't it interesting how much time and money we spend on furnishing our houses and apartments? But how little do we spend on creating the relationships for which we actually have an apartment or a house?
Richard Kane

What began as an observation was further developed by businessman Richard Kane into the idea of Marriage Week. He triggered an unprecedented movement in England. MarriageWeek places the adventure of a successful marriage relationship at the center of a nationwide theme week. Since 1996, MarriageWeek has taken place in England every year from February 7 - 14, culminating in Valentine's Day.


Richard and Maria Kane together with Primeminister John Major and his wife Norma Major

Richard and Maria Kane hand roses to Prime Minister John Major and his wife Norma Major (left) at 10 Downing Street in London at the opening ceremony for MarriageWeek in February 1997.